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Rincon Terracotta Panel, a World Class Brand

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The rising Rincon is accelerating its pace toward the world to realize internationalization in the process of global integrity. Recently, Rincon has won the bids of several projects in South Korea , Romania, Japan etc. after defeating strong competitors. The terracotta panel is getting popular in the market.

The reasons for Rincon to be leading producers in the world market lie primarily in its own brand, secondly in an R & D team who can work out solutions with our own characteristics, thirdly in our exceptional quality and thoughtful and timely after-sale services.

In recent years, energy conservation and environment protection have been the focus of the world construction industry so that Rincon terracotta panel is getting more and more promising. Let’s expect that Rincon will be laden with innovations and push the industry to a new height, and its brand is bound to present more splendors in the international arena.

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